The Role Of The Clitoris In Question

What Is The Role Of The Clitoris?

It is often said (or gloated) that that the clitoris is the one organ in the entire human body that has the sole purpose of pleasure.

Recently however, one researcher and former staff member of the Department of Biomedical Science at the University of Sheffield is arguing that this isn’t the only purpose of the clitoris.
Roy J Levin, writes that it’s other reason is…you guessed it, reproduction!

While this argument might have some of us already on the defensive, it appears that this essay is to further the battle against the clitoridectomies that are “undertaken in a number of countries and cultures.” Of which versions include the psychological, symbolic, Freudian, ritualistic and medical clitoridectomy. It would seem, Levin is most interested in the latter.

So, what has the clitoris as a reproductive organ, Freud and clitoridectomy got to do with one another? And WTH is “tenting!”


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