Fact Checking The Female Orgasm(s) With Experts

The C-orgasm AKA The Clitoris

Size; this is one of the few topics that women haven’t had to think about in regards to sex. But as we learn more about the clitoris and its relationship with the vagina – more attention is being paid to the clitoris and its size.

Let’s talk structure.

Often mistaken for the nub that protrudes from the vulva (that’s the glands), the clitoris is actually a much larger organ that mainly exists internally and contains 8,000 nerve endings. It also interacts with around 15,000 more in the pelvic region.

Structurally, the clitoris is a wishbone shaped organ that wraps around the vagina walls.

This has led to the question, if the clitoris is in such close contact with the vagina, can those really be classified as separate orgasms anyway?

Current popular belief – The size of the clitoris glans and its location (smaller + further away) from the vaginal opening, affects the women’s ability to orgasm.

State of science – The scientific data at this point in limited on this topic.

In fact, there are only two clinical researches that reference it.

● Journal of Sexual Medicine: “Women with smaller-than-average vaginas (that’s around 10cm) can struggle to orgasm”

● Wallen et al, 2014: “Women who had trouble climaxing had smaller clitorises that were positioned about 5 to 6 millimetres further away from the vagina than those who climaxed more often”

What our specialists say –

Popularly referenced on this topic is Dr Susan Oakley, an OBGYN at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati. She has been quoted to say “perhaps a larger clitoris has more nerve endings, and perhaps with direct contact and stimulation the clitoris can have more sensation, resulting in orgasms,”

Speaking with gynaecologist Dr Jess for our upcoming podcast, we are reminded that the clitoris interacts internally with the vagina during penetration because of its band-like shape. She shared that; though bodily frication will indeed amount to causing a varying degree of indirect stimulation, the internal pressure will be stimulating the internal clitoris structure also. (which may be about 10cm long).

To conclude, even if you have a small clitoris gland; building a lot arousal, experimenting with different partner-sex positions and targeted stimulation externally and internal may help to induce clitoral orgasm.


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