7 Experimental Masturbation Tips For Men

I’m pretty sure that you all know how to stroke your sausage if you’re surfing the pages of this website, but it’s beneficial to know that there is a variety of ways to spice up your alone-time-at-11-PM if you do get a bit bored with your usual handy routine.

It’s common for guys to get stuck onto their ordinary pattern without realizing it, which – don’t lie – it can get boring. I know, there are a lot of fleshlights, vibrators, and anal beads that can make your masturbation nights that little bit more interesting. Nevertheless, do you really have the right amount of money to invest in the latest products at your local sex shop? Do you really want to take the risk of losing those toys during your holiday in Majorca? And do you really have enough room space to hide those toys from your parents who frequently come round for tea and whiskey? No…I didn’t think so.

Why You Should Take The Time To Read This Blog On Male Masturbation

Whilst you continue to read this article, you have to think how awesome it would it be the gain the knowledge of poaching eggs in more ways than one. Think about the valuable information that you’d receive from this blog on the multitude of way of jerking off.

Want to know our 7 male masturbation tips that can make your crotch tingle in more ways than one? Just keep reading this piece…

Masturbation Style #1: The Classic Technique

This has to be one of the most simple ways to get you from point A to B, and when I say point A to B, I mean point hand to cum. There’s no complex technique that you need to apply to your cock, all you have to do is grip it with your dominant hand, and just slide it up and down. However, I’m more than happy to lay down a step-by-step guide for the guys who can follow instructions when they’re layered into bullet points…just like me.

Step-By-Step Guide To The Classic Technique:

1. Wrap your fingers around your shaft and close your dominant hand around it.

2. Start to move your hand up and down your shaft with your hand gripping your cock (adding pressure is optional).

3. Just keep moving your hand up and down until you get that sweet release.

Experiment with speed and lubrication to see how your orgasms differ with a little bit of pressure, or a little bit of wetness…

Masturbation Style #2: Two Hands

You know it takes two to tango, right? That’s why some guys like to play with two hands at a time. Even though this technique is applicable to all penis sizes, this one has been proven to be quite suitable for those on the larger scale. What I also find with this male masturbation method is that it can level out the amount of muscle gained in your forearms, for that perfect symmetry and to squash the gossip on you being a chronic masturbator (and not hiding it at all).

Step-By-Step Guide To The Two Hands Technique

1. Place one of your hands on the bottom of your shaft, and the other hand at the top with your forefinger gently wrapped around the glans.

2. Start moving your hand at the bottom up and down your shaft slowly, while massaging the bottom of your cock head with your fingertips.

3. Don’t stop doing that until you feel your juices popping from your head.

Like the previous technique, you can experiment with speed, pressure, and lube to discover a feeling that you’d like to experience the next time you are alone.

Masturbation Style # 3: Agile Fingers

This technique requires agility, elusiveness, and precision for someone who’d like to touch themselves with the least amount of touch as possible. From a female’s perspective, I didn’t see how only using fingers to pleasure themselves didn’t look time and energy-efficient to me. But hey, this technique must have some magic behind it. You don’t need to use your hands, feet, tongue, whatever. You only need the soft, simple touch of your fingers…

Step-By-Step Guide To Agile Fingers

1. With your dominant hand, place your fingers at the tip of your dick so it covers the top and bottom part of the glands.

2. Start massaging your cock head slowly in a circular motion, or as if you’re rubbing your forefingers and thumb together like you’re making a signal to someone who owes you money.

3. Continue to rub your glans until you get a white, creamy fountain shooting out from your shaft.

If you’re a newbie to this type of touching, take it easy on the speed as for someone who’s tried this method on another guy before, their face made the same resemblance of hearing nails going down a chalkboard. This type of masturbation needs to act like a smooth operator.

Masturbation Style #4: Upside Down

This masturbation technique with similar to the classic but with a twist. I get it, not everyone wants to keep their thumbs jamming up their glans. I would hate to repeat a method that’s annoying but it’s the only one I know. So, going for a style that removes most of the bumpy areas.

Step-By-Step Guide To The Upside Down Technique

1. With your dominant hand, gently grip your shaft with your thumb and forefinger at the bottom.

2. Begin to slowly move your hand up and down your shaft while you feel yourself hardening up.

3. Increase the speed and vary the pressure as you’d like until you suddenly get a hot load over your trousers.

You may be asking ‘Why would I want to try out this masturbation method when the easier, classic technique makes me and my dick happy?’. Well, for one thing, thumbs. For another, this method increases the intensity of your orgasms, and who would want a thumb to get in the way of their intense orgasms?

# 5 Make Fire

This technique can be used as a laugh whenever you go out camping with your friends and one of them asks you if you know how to make a fire. But for those who aren’t planning on going camping any time soon, there’s always the opportunity for you to play forts in your bedroom and use your cock as the tent stand…without lighting it on fire.

For the reduction of friction and potential burn marks, I recommend squirting a generous amount of lube on your palms before you proceed. Trust me…you’ll need it.

Step-By-Step Guide To The Make Fire Technique

1. .Place both hands flat on both sides of your cock, with your forefingers just below your glands.

2. Slowly, begin to move your hands side to side as if you’re making a fire with a stick.

3. Increase the speed carefully to reach the goal that you desire every time you come back home from a shitty day at work.

I know, this technique sounds like something that you’d do when you’re tripping on molly. But I’m not here to tell you to find a dealer, I’m here to tell you to try something new that could light some fire underneath their balls…not literally.

Masturbation Style #6: The Waterfall

If you’ve already changed the game with your handy activities, it’s time to change your game settings. What do I mean by this? I mean that it’s time to alter your settings and move to a place where you can wash all of your dirty, sexy deeds away, or where you can treat yourself to spending more on the water bill this month.

The Waterfall technique is where you can lean back and just let your showerhead do the hard work, like how some women like to spend an unusual amount of time in the bathroom some days…

Step-By-Step Guide On The Waterfall Technique

1. Get your shower ready.

2. Lower your shower head at the height that most comfortable between your cock and the showerhead.

3. Stroke your dick in the way that pleases you until you become a hung horse.

4. Get your dick underneath the showerhead and let the pulsating sensation of the water trickle down your shaft until something else starts trickling from a different type of head.

If you’re someone who likes surprises, try experimenting with hot and cold water back and forth and pretend that your cock is jumping around in an onsen. If you’re someone who doesn’t like surprises, then you better make sure someone isn’t using the toilet while you’re in the shower.

Masturbation Style #7: The Unknown Guest

The first time I heard about ‘The Unknown Guest’ was under a different name called ‘The Stranger’ from the move ‘Gone In 60 Seconds’. See, not all movies that Nicholas Cage starred in was terrible. The way that the character described ‘The Stranger’ was something that’s, more or less, similar to what I’ve read online.

Step-By-Step Guide To The Unknown Stranger Technique

1. Find yourself a comfortable seat and sit on your dominant hand. Yes…sit on your hand.

2. Keep your hand firmly placed between your cushion and your butt cheeks until it goes numb.

3. Remove your hand from underneath you and masturbate however you want.

The aim of this type of masturbation is to feel like you’re being touched by someone else when there is no one around you. I can see this as a technique being used by single men on Valentine’s Day. However, there’s no need for you to be alone if you don’t want to be, even if you’re just thinking of playing with yourself with other companions around…

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